HTVRont HTV vinyl is very easily cut with my Cricut Explore Air 2

I really like HTVRont HTV vinyl. You have to be careful when placing it on your mat because sometimes the side that you think is the backing, is actually vinyl. I realized after ruining a sheet that it’s best to use something sharp like your weeding tool and prick the corner to make sure the vinyl side it facing up. This vinyl is easy to weed, sturdy, and has held up well to washing. I just wish I could choose what colors I want. I will be ordering more of this HTV. My set xame with very detailed instructions which included links to helpful videos. This HTVRont HTV vinyl was very easily cut with my Cricut Explore Air 2 and I didnt even have to use a fresh blade. The included Teflon sheet works well with this brand HTV as well as the cricut brand HTV. Color variety is great as well. I can honestly say I am very surprised and satisfied with this purchase. This htv worked great! The colors are nice and the price is amazing! Easy to work with and will Buy again. Love this vinyl! Cuts well and transfers well. Remember to cut with the rubbery side up. This product has worked out great so far! LOVED the fuscia color. Wish there were more color options but would definitely order this product again.

HTVRont HTV vinyl  was so easy to use and came with very detailed easy to follow instructions! Will definatly buy this brand again! Fast shipping. Easy to weed. Very smooth and easy to handle. This HTV was so fun! I was wanting to make some baby onesies and this vinyl was absolutely perfect!! Some reviews said it was hard to weed... but I thought it was incredibly easy. Can’t beat it for the price. Kinda hard to tell which side to cut but if you pull up the corner just a tiny little bit you will be able to figure it out. Will be ordering again! Good quality vinyl! and it came with Teflon sheet! awesome. looking forward to more projects with this. This was really more than I can use up in a month thanks for the great product. I got to finish my Grandbabies Christmas presents on time. Great results!!!! Material came with no instructions but I found them on here. I placed shiny size down and had no luck so I turned it over. Turned out pretty good. I've never ordered HTV from Amazon before, but I definitely will order again! The price was lower than what I usually pay (after factoring in shipping), and it works just as well.

I have made 2 baby onesies so far, and both have come out great! It cuts easily on my Cricut and weeds very nicely. I highly recommend!  This is the best heat transfer vinyl I have used ever. The transfer paper of the vinyl is sticky so it helps keep your design in place. I messed my first cut up, the textured side is the side that needs to be cut and I put the smooth side up by mistake. Once I figured out the few technical issues I had, it cut like a dream. Make sure you peel off cold. Once I figured that out, this vinyl became my favorite!! This vinyl is super easy to weed. The only thing I struggled with was what side to cut the vinyl on. Other than that, this vinyl is great and I love using it!! Really great product. Loved the results of using this product. Definitely purchase again. You do have to peel cool tho, if you peel hot u will strech the htv. Smooth side down. Also weeding is not that hard with this product. The teflon sheet is a bonus.

I wanted to create some shirts with my small business logo on them, so I ordered these to try to do it myself. These heat transfer vinyl sheets didn’t come with any insructions (I’m sure most people who order them probably already know how to use them). I had never used heat transfer vinyl before, so I did a little research before using these. These felt kind of thick, but my sister (who has a cricuit) reassured me that they look completely normal and this is what she uses. When looking at these very closely, you can tell the top is slightly textured (once you know what to look for). I prewashed the shirts to make sure they wouldn’t shrink after I ironed on the pattern. Then I borrowed my sister’s cricuit and cut out my designs. I used a safety pin to peel off the negative space, and I used parchment paper on top of the design when I ironed it onto my shirts. I let the vinyl cool before I pulled the clear plastic off - I wasn’t sure if I should let it cool or not, but this vinyl is slightly stretchy so cooling helped keep it in the shape I wanted. I’ve washed the shirts since then, and the design appears to be staying on well - it’s not peeling up anywhere. For a beginner, these were very easy to use, and they worked well. This was exactly what I needed and works great!