HTVRont heat transfer paper is Perfect for making T-shirts

I really love HTVRont best heat transfer vinyl! It cuts and weeds like butter. Plus it seems thinner than other brands so it melds well with your fabric. I use a heat press and have no issues, even after several washings. This was my first time using this brand, I must say I was very impressed. I made a shirt for my son today and he loved it. The vinyl cut very nice and weeded very easily. Very clear and concise directions I would recommend this htv over and over again. I really loved this vinyl. I’m always Leary about trying new vinyl because I usually have a hard time getting the setting right to not cut through. I had no problems at all. I did a test cut on my normal cricut iron on setting and it was perfect. It weeded beautifully and presses great. I have white and black and love them both. Will definitely be returning for more. While this product is more expensive than other brands, you get 12.25 inches wide of HTV instead of 11.8. This means the right side is completely under the roller on a Silhouette Cameo 3 and you don’t have to worry about the HTV sliding. It also weeds like a dream. No worrying about letters pulling up when you are weeding the negative space. Pressing was quick and did not require additional pressing like other HTV I have used. I would recommend this product and will purchase again.

I received HTVRont heat transfer paper  free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.Weeds easily. Presses well! The carrier sheet has a nice amount of “stick” so you don’t pull up small pieces easily. Has held up well through the handful of washes I have done with it! I'm really loving this brand! Easy to weed and HOT peel, which is a big plus! Just a really great product! This best heat transfer vinylworked awesome!!! Just what I was looking for!! I absolutely loved this vinyl it’s easy to cut easy to weed and it looks so beautiful on shirts I would absolutely buy again. Loved using this! It was so easy to use from start to finish. Used my Cricut to cut out image. No hassles when trying to weed out tiny bits. Image transferred smoothly onto shirt. Looking forward to finding out how this holds up to many washes. Heat Transfer paper Easy to use. Testing it with with my home iron and good pressure, cool peel. Has good coverage. Will do final with my heatpress. Gives good instructions. This product was used to make a dragon tshirt for my son. This black htv came very fast and undamaged. When I opened it up, I immediately could tell that it was good quality. It cut in the cricut beautifully and was very easy to weed. It pressed on the shirt with the 5 in 1 amazingly well. Love this product! Arrived quickly. Was cut weed and apply.

I love this HTV vinyl! This is the best heat transfer vinyl I used ever. It is thicker than the other vinyl I have bought making it easy for cutting, weeding and storing! It pressed nicely on a infant onesie. Storing it as scraps is nice because of the thickness so no bends in the vinyl. I also love that it is the width of the cutting mat. Highly recommend! I have used several different brands of vinyl over the years, and this by far was the easiest to weed! It took no time at all. I cut it with my Cricut on the iron on setting. And it pressed on nice and smooth. Great product! I'm a beginner on the DIY field. It was hard to know wich vinyl to buy, the right temperature to apply it and time to press. After spending some money on bad and expensive vynyl ( not easy to weed), I finally found Firefly which I really love, because is easy to weed, comes with instructions of time to press and temperature, plus a bonus of free designs. I love this vinyl! It’s so easy to work with and looks amazing on! I really like using it. The product is of quality and looks great on fabric!Great product! Cuts nicely and easy to weed especially for a beginner like myself. My only complaint is the price but otherwise I would recommend! Very fast shipping, easy peel, easy cut very easy to use. I give it 2 thumbs up.

I use a lot of HTVRont heat transfer paper. I would compare this to siser easy weed. The only difference is the price and this is 5.00 more. It weeds perfect. It is nice on the shirt. I will wash this and compare it to my other HTV shirts I do test. I wish the price was lower I would probably buy more of this. But it would cut into my business profits if I continued to use this. Overall it was a great experience and this is my second product from them they are consistent. Perfect for making T-shirts for a family reunion. I use this on my silhouette cameo and it cut so smoothly. The box had the cut setting on it to use on the machine. Making it very easy to use. It sticks to my project very well. Will buy again. I love this product. It cuts, weeds and transfers well which is a plus to any crafter using vinyl for tshirts, etc. Great vinyl that’s easy to use. It weeds very well and my project turned out great. I can’t wait to order more.