what are uses of YRYM HT kraft butcher paper

I was most interested in this size of kraft butcher paper which is almost impossible to find. The paper is sturdy and covers bulletin boards perfectly. I used this product for a "table cover" and it was great. With the leftover paper I will use for Christmas wrap. I bought this paper for target practice... Therefore I haven't folded it, nor do I intend to do so... I could care less if it 'folds easily'... It is 'sturdy' enough, I guess... The staples don't rip out, and I would rate the versatility at - at least - 6 or 7 stars, because DIY probably didn't foresee anyone punching holes in their paper with tiny let pellets ! I hope this is the last time I will be asked to review a roll of YRYM HT butcher paper for smoking... I'm thinking I need to get paid as a staff writer, if I have to do much more of this work ! Union scale is pretty good, I've heard. Just what I was looking for. I use it to make my life easier when preparing meals or working in the kitchen. It looks elegant when I have friends over.

I purchased the roll of YRYM HT kraft butcher paper for my grandchildren to have small art projects on and to brainstorm ideas. The roll was delivered quickly. This paper is fine for crayons, but needs something underneath for markers bleeding through. It is too light weight for painting. Great for table coverings for shrimp boil party. Sturdy and thick. It's a roll of paper...so the main things, was it rolled well and is the white consistent. It was exactly what we needed. Nice quality paper. It's certainly not butcher paper but it does the trick especially when you need to wrap a body and take it down to your car so you can bury the corpse in an unmarked grave. Sure, the blood bleeds through but wrap this puppy up several times and you got it made. I highly recommend this to Jeff Bezo's ex wife, MacKenzie. Girl, I got you. I know some people you can hire to take out Jeff and his side piece Lauren. But use this product because it's Amazon's Choice!

YRYm HT butcher paper for smoking was as described and arrived well packaged. Slightly thinner than expected, but good quality. I bought this Kraft paper specifically for pattern making and it works great! We used this paper to cover tables at a family picnic. The size was what we ordered, but next time I will order a little bigger since the paper just barely fit the table (our fault, not the sellers!) The worked and looked good. I use this for wrapping meat in my smoker. It works great. This paper is easy to work with - a little on the thin side, but that makes it easier to fold, and cheaper to ship. So far, every package has safely made its way to the destination, without being torn. At least no one has reported that to me. My only use was to detect a leak. Worked very well and now we are getting a section of the roof replaced. Glad my idea worked, the roofers came over a few times with no luck in a fix. It was exactly what we were looking for. It does everything from covering tables to acting as bulletin board paper and finally as large sheets of paper for murals. Haven't had a chance to use it well yet, but it seems to be sturdy and will meet my needs well.

Bought YRYM HT butcher paper for smoking for wrapping gifts. Simple and I can draw/write on them for any occasion. Just add a bow or something. The paper is thin so I’ll have to wrap twice probably but it’s still more cost effective than normal wrapping paper. The side came dirty which I don’t get because it was wrapped in a sealed clear bag from the manufacturer so that means they got it dirty before shipping to Amazon. Works great in the chicken coop. I change it once a week in their roosting area and makes it so much easier and cleaner. Exactly as described. Was shipped quickly and arrived undamaged. We used this to line the walls for art projects at Vacation Bible School. We raped up with painters tape. It held up all week and when it came down there was no damage to the walls!