HTVRont heat transfer vinyl VS Cricut vinyl

This is an honest review. I was not gifted or compensated for making a review. I just remember how skeptical I was looking through the reviews and I appreciate running across reviews like this one. Definitely worth the money. After laundering the t-shirt, it still looks just as good as it did when I first made it! It also wasn't washed inside out like it should have been. Awesome heat transfer vinyl, convenient carrying case. Love this vinyl. I will buy it from now on. It is less expensive and is just as durable and easy to weed as other more expensive brands! I have finally found an economical vinyl that I don’t have to sacrifice quality for! Easy to cut, weed and apply. Great customer service and packaging! I use it for my small business and it worked very well! 

I have not washed my item yet so I cannot review that aspect of it. I like the case it comes shipped in. It was very easy to cut, very easy to weed. This is the best heat transfer paper I've used.  The only part I had difficultly with was when pulling the bigger pieces of vinyl off around thinner lettering as it stretches..I have not other HTV so that could be normal. I used this to make a few shirts for my husband and daughter, they turned out beautiful! Very easy to use and I've already washed the shirts a few times with no signs of them messing up. I love this htv it weeds well it sticks perfectly to my shirts with no problem. When I first got it I ruined a shirt because I didn't know you had to cover the htv with the brown paper that was in there, after that I've been rolling and will stick to this brand.I hesitated based on some reviews, but this is my favorite HTV. Arrived quickly & packaged in nice, plastic folder to prevent wrinkles. Also has settings printed on outside of folder. Would reorder。 

I have been using the impressed heat transfer vinyl for all of my business needs and I love the quality and consistency of the product. I find it to be very easy to weed and compared to other brands like Cricut, I like this better. I definitely prefer the cut sheets over rolls for my projects as well. Note: I do use this vinyl with a heat press which offers the maximum hold and durability. This is the only iron on transfer I buy. Goes on great and if you mess up just reapply. .I had some problems using an iron like heating for to long in some places than others. It made the white color thin in some places allowing a darker shirt color to be visible through the white. But once I switched to a heat press I no longer have that problem. That just tells me it was my heating errors causing that, not the product. It also helped a lot once I found out that these were cold peel. Some instructions or general information included with the product would be helpful.

Okay here is the scoop. I got the Cricut machine for Christmas this year. I wanted to make some t-shirts. Cricut vinyl is a little pricey so I decided to try this pack. I followed directions that came. The very first t-shirt I did with my iron. It COMPLETELY MELTED THROUGH. Here's my problem though. I have a dinosaur for an Iron. It doesn't regulate temp very well. So here is what I recommend. If using your iron, you may need to experiment and troubleshoot as iron temp varies. I didn't get discouraged and after that one I got the hang of it. This is the best heat transfer paper and good quality. We will test washing machine later but I recommend. Highly recommend and great price! ! Came in the best packaging i’ve seen for iron on vinyl, arrived in great condition and came exactly 12x10 not like some sheets where the sizing is all wonky. I used the iron on+ setting on my Cricut and it weeded like a dream.