where to buy best transfer tape for vinyl

This is my favorite transfer tape to use with my Cricut designs. It works better than any others I’ve tried. This transfer tape is the best, and I keep ordering it on larger and larger rolls! I won't use anything else. The transfer tape is great. I wish it came with the applicator shown in the picture but still a great transfer tape. Doesnt leave any sticky residue on the vinyl and its clear grid helps line up decals. I really like how this transfer tape has the lines to help with placing my vinyl. I love using it to transfer my vinyl to whatever I'm using, which in this case were cups. I used Oracal 651 Permanent Vinyl with this transfer tape with no issues. I am very satisfied with how it helped my project go smoothly and quickly! Also, I appreciate how the company Craftopia USA, reached out to me before sending my transfer tape and afterward to check on things. I will definitely order again!

I love HTVRONT transfer tape!! Easy to use and I love that it is clear with the grid on it. Makes it easier to line things up. The perfect amount of stick to make transferring vinyl easy. You can even use the same piece over and over. Perfect transfer paper. It is the perfect stickiness without being too sticks. The grid lines also help with keeping projects straight! Amazing transfer tape!!! I finally found one that works great. Not too sticky but stinky enough to lift vinyl right up. Gets the job done. I love that it comes with squeegee my puppy chewed up my other one. good quality, picks up really easy but good lord is it strong. Difficult to pull off a mirror, wouldn't recommend on anything soft (cardstock, etc.). Nice size, easy to work with. Clear is easy to line up with layers. Sometimes it's hard to release and can lift the vinyl but if you watch for it, it's easy to save.

I love this transfer paper it is the Best transfer tape for vinyl I have been able to find. LITERALLY THE BEST VINYL EVER! Never buying overpriced Cricut again! YAYYY! Love this material! Just the right amount of adhesive. Will defiantly be buying again. Product arrived as described and works well. I would buy it again. It is not TOO sticky, good for learning where being able to replace transfer tape is important. This transfer tape is the best! I was given a roll as a birthday gift from a friend and as soon as I was getting low I purchased another roll. I have a few other transfer tapes but none compare. Will continue to purchase again and again. Perfect! I will be ordering again soon! I've bought this item a few times now and will always buy this item. I've been able to reuse pieces a few times before it loses it's stickiness. I also love the grid on the tape to make sure I'm aligned in my projects.

HTVROT transfer tape is amazing! We run a vinyl decal shop on Etsy and we were having some issues with our transfer tape and wanted to try something new. We ordered 5 different ones and this was definitely the stand out! We've already ordered 3 more rolls since the first trial one. It applies smoothly and it's clear once it applies, other than the grid. The only issue I see is were going to have a million of those squegee things since you get one with every roll. The cost is higher than the other ones we tried, but we're willing to pay it to avoid negative reviews. If you're on the fence about it, try it out! It's worth it! Will add some pictures! I absolutely love this transfer tape. I recently ran into a snag when I ran out and had an order due. I tried another brand I could get locally. It was horrible and I couldn't get the order done. Needless to say I immediately ordered this tape and had to redo the order and had no issues. This is the best transfer tape for vinyl out there hands down. It works flawlessly everytime. I will never use another transfer tape again. I always make sure I have plenty on hand for orders.