butcher paper works great for wrapping smoked meat

Used brown butcher paper for the first time yesterday. Very happy with it. Exactly what I was looking for. Width is perfect for those big briskets. Haven’t used it yet but arrives as described very quickly. We used this for smoking meat and it worked perfectly. Works great. It didnt fall apart or rip after being drenched from the juices of the brisket. Used for smoking a Boston Butt. Worked great!! Great paper. Held the moisture in, but keep the crust on the outside of the brisket. We just used this product last night of some brisket and pork butt, it worked wonderfully my husband was very happy with his choice. This was perfectly what we needed and right to our front door. I do a lot of meat smoking, and this paper has worked really great. if you smoke meat please give this paper a try. it has worked better than my last roll by far. Used for smoking on my Pit Boss. Made a Brisket in the traeger, it turned out Awesome!

Used YRYM HT brown butcher paper for smoking my first rack of beef ribs. Worked great. Held flavor in. Easy to use. Nice quality,heavy weight. Definitely get 24”width paper if using for smoking brisket. We love these things! Great for just about everything you grill! I loved the quality of this paper. I knew it was a winner as soon as it arrived. Arrived on time, big roll, great value, works great! Used it for several Boston butts so far. Works very well! Well worth the purchase. I could not buy this much locally with out paying an arm and a leg. Works perfect. Perfect for smoked brisket. Exactly what I wanted perfect for brisket, ribs, pork butt, and anything you can think of. Large and wider roll, wider than many is a big plus. Looks like a nice roll of paper. Haven't tried tasting it yet. Bought it after doing some brisket BBQ and decided I'd give it a try...and there is enough I can also use it in my shop when finishing projects etc. (not tried it on a brisket yet)

Although I’ve been able to achieve the bark I desire with briskets on my trailer mounted stick burning smoker regularly, it isn’t practical to fire it up to cook a single brisket. I have an electric smoker that does an adequate job for small smoking projects, but was never able to get the bark I wanted. This butcher paper roll changed all that. I took the brisket off at 160-170 IT and wrapped it with the butcher paper then put it back on ‘till I got it up to 190-200 IT, then upwrapped it, rewrapped in cling wrap and an old towel, then let it rest in a cooler for about an hour and a half. The brisket had the smoke ring, the bark and the perfect amount of juice left in it. The bark I attribute to the butcher paper. Great product and I will be a return customer! I've been using this butcher paper to wrap meat that I am smoking as well as cold items to dry in the fridge.

I will use brown butcher paper when I next smoke a roast as recommended by my friends who smoke meats. Item received very quickly and in good condition. I bought this Brown Butcher Paper Roll for use in backyard barbecue smoking. It was perfect and will be a great choice for you too. Works great for my smoker, had I known it would raise my skill level just by using butcher paper while smoking meat cuts in the smoker I would have gotten it sooner, brown butcher paper arrived well packaged no damage and I couldn't as for better I will definitely be buying this again when i run out. I didn't think paper would make such a difference when compared to foil; I was wrong. Never use foil again! Can't wait to use brown butcher paper roll on some ribs, and another brisket! This product arrived on time as expected. It serves it's purpose as expected. Not sure why they are asking for the stars on Flavor? This is just sturdy butcher paper that works great for wrapping meat while I smoke it.