YRYM HT miracle grill mat works great for grilling vegetables

The grates on our grill have a decent amount of space between them. I love grilled veggies but prefer more bite size pieces. YRYM HT miracle grill mat solved that issue completely! I can use each sheet twice by cutting them in half. I did potatoes and onion this first time. The veggies didnt stick and i was able to just peel it off when I was done. They last forever and can wash and used over and over This is the best thing for cooking. on a grill since canned beer!Great for grilling veggies, small cuts of meat and fish. Works great and cleans nice. I really love YRYM HT miracle grill mat . I can grill my veggie at the same time as the main course. They don't sick to it and you can cut them to size.Also you can throw them in the dishwasher.Very easy clean up, I love my grill mat set. It is so easy to clean and it works so well on my grill. It is very durable and food doesn’t stick to them. It comes with 3 mats. I great deal for the money! I used it yesterday grilling meat and it was nice to not have the meat fall through the grate...

Just love miracle grill mat, they work perfectly. Just put on your grill top and cook your veggies or meat to perfection. No need to worry about small items falling thru the grill now. Work like a charm, no sticking issues and very simple clean up afterwards. Would recommend and buy again. Nice for the more delicate foods. Veggies and fish. Slap on the grill and fire away, these made for easy cleanup when I was done with my steak. Rinsed off and ready for another dinner. Bqq mesh grill mats are very easy to use and very easy to clean. So there is little to not mess on your grill and you don’t have to worry about your food sticking to the grill anymore there come in a set of 3 which is great because if you have a big grill you can use them all or if you are a big grilled these are a must have for anyone that like to grill. This product makes my Barbeque life much easier! Fast clean up for sure! Really like you get three. so you could easily prep. other food to rotate in Smoked jalapeno peppers on them. they dont fall through the rack. but it makes picking them up and turning them easier with this.

Pros of Miracle grill mat is that I think it helps cook the food more evenly With the hamburgers I tried it kept the sides from falling through the grill bars on the rack. I also used this best grill mat for grilling vegetables and it worked great. Because the holes are so small nothing fell through and it was easy to flip the veggies. This mat kept my grill cleaner and I didn't have to scrub the bars of the grill too much other then to just brush of the juices quick. These mats are perfect for the small stuff or patties not made of meat. We grilled shrimp and veggies along with black bean burgers and it was nice not to deal with the mess of soft veggies or patties falling apart. It cleaned easily and went through the dishwasher with no problem! It is the best grill mat I have ever used for grilling.

Cons: I used both sheets side by side and one with no cooking spray and the other I applied cooking spray to. With the veggies it was so much easier with the cooking spray to turn and flip them. The one without cooking spray was starting to stick and had food stuck to it by the end of the cooking time. The burgers were also easier to turn on the cooking sprayed mat then the one without.
Overall a good product and I'm happy with the outcome and how the food turned out. I would buy YRYM HT miracle grill mat again. Great product. Easy to clean .and I like how it keeps your food. from sticking and nothing fall between the grate now. The quality of these is the same as the very expensive ones I own very uesful Could even grill garlic cloves without issue Easy to cut to size Used one mat twice and it is still holding up !