No more veggies falling through the grate with copper grill mat

YRYM HT non-stick grill mat set is the best! perfect to melt the cheese on the burgers and not make a mess.. I like that they are black and the material holds the heat nicely. they are easy to clean and storage. better quality than my last copper ones I had, the burnt badly on the borders, so not really reusable. These seem to be holding better. Great for grilling small items! Awesome for making stir-fries, shrimp or clambakes or just plain grilled veggies. Easy clean up. YRYM HT non-stick grill mat set works great but know that if you use it with beef on the Grill , it will cook in its own juice. Fantastic for fish and veggies. Could not wait to get YRYM HT non-stick grill mat set as I wanted to immediately cook burgers and veggie on them, which I did! They are AMAZING! two of them cover the grill well, plus you can cut to size if needed.The burgers came out juicy and moist. Cleanup was a breeze, just rinsed them with water and used a paper towel. Very happy with the product.

These non-stick BBQ grill mat set are top notch! I originally got some from Costco, and really like them. Other than they were a pain to clean. I saw these mats on sale, so I grabbed some to try them out. They work great on the grill, the meat cooks well, and clean up is very easy. I love to grill, but I hate to clean the grill. These mats are great! I bought one of the "as seen on tv" mats previously and wanted another one. I found these and decided to give them a try. These mats are just as good if not better than the ones sold on TV. I have purchased many grill matt's these are definitely the best by far, they wash up easily and are great for cooking on the grill I have also cut one up to put on the bottom of a pan for better protection. Highly recommend. If I need any more will definitely purchase from YRYM HT Copper grill matt. Gave these as a gift and my boyfriend really likes them. The meat stayed real moist, surrounded by its own juices, when cooking. Would recommend!

Anyone who grills should get YRYM HT copper grill mat  ASAP. They make clean up a breeze and still keeps the consistent heat. We thought we could get grill marks on our meat and vegetables, using these mats. So far we haven’t been able to achieve that. I was a bit skeptical about the buying this grill mat because of its price but it have been proven me wrong. Our meat are grilled to perfection, the burgers are nice and juicy and the steaks are out of this world. Clean up after is so easy now. So easy to use. Meat is flavorful now. I used the mat for barbecuing marinated vegetables and they came out great, browned them very nicely and cooked evenly! Very easy clean up, highly recommend them!! This is awesome to use when grilling. Sometimes the grill at the public parks are sketchy to use so i use this and it really gets your meat and veggies grilling like you’re not even using a copper grill mat. Cleaning is super easy too. It really works great. We bought them especially to use with smaller items that might slip through the grates. Taste is great and very easy to clean.

I bought copper grill mat for my dad who is a grill fanatic, and he loves them. They are easy to use, easy to clean, and make grilling so much easier. Nothing falls through the grill slats, food stays juicy. They're a really great idea. I use copper grill mat to provide a barrier on grill grates to prevent cross contamination for food allergies. Perfect for travel or to take to a bbq. No noticeable difference in how food cooks or tastes. Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to cook on. Essentially your turning your BBQ into a flattop grill in a way. No more veggies falling through the grate. No more cleaning and scraping the grill top. I'd say if you cook on a BBQ you should try them and see how they work for you. We took them camping and it made things so much more easy. I'd recommend them too.