YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper works great for wrapping Christmas gifts

I love YRYM HT butcher paper roll! I ship plants and I wrap each one in this paper. It’s thick and strong enough to protect the recipient’s plant during transit to its destinations (it’s got some padding inside the box of course). They’ve received their package with smashed boxes but the plant is in perfect condition! I believe it’s the quality of this paper that keeps the plants in shape. YRYM HT butcher paper roll is very high-quality paper that doesn't easily tear even when soaked in meat drippings. The role is larger than I thought I needed, but I discovered that I needed 3x what I had presumed. A good addition to my smoking process and much better than aluminum foil which makes everything soggy. Packaged well. Is as advertised. Have not used yet. Will edit review if need be. As of now all is good. This kraft wrapping paper was just what I was looking for. Everything came in great shape, with no issues. Exactly what we needed.

I send a lot of packages and YRYM HT butcher paper roll is exactly what i needed. We used the paper for apron patterns. Good quality paper, and I’ll buy it again. I use this paper to put on the dirt (or grass & weeds) before mulch. It degrades naturally and really prevents weeds from growing through the mulch. The paper is great. I was going to buy some at the store. But for the same price I would not even get 1\2 of this roll. Used it already to send a package. Easy to package anything! I like accessories better than flashy paper so I use kraft wrapping paper as gift wrap and use pretty bows and ribbon and it looks amazing! The paper arrived in a timely manner and the quality was as expected. This paper worked great for a seafood boil we hosted. Stayed in place with some painters tape and held up pefectly with seafood to feed 20+ on top of it. Quick delivery and easy to work with. Great quality paper.

YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper is great paper and worked perfect as a table runner for a dinner party. I was able to write some fun thoughts on it that fit the theme of the night. It arrived timely with no issues. I would definitely buy again from this company. Perfect to wrap my boxes and with the left overs for my son to draw and paint on. Had a paint & sip party & put the paper on top of my cloth tablecloths. Had nice tablecloths with paper to add to the theme. Worked perfectly. It's nice Brown paper! I wish it was a little longer like wrapping paper size but this is a nice weight and size. Great product for packing, Paper is really of good quality- thick and strong. Highly recommendable. Seller has excellent customer service. Just as I’d expect, perfect for my packing needs and great quality!

I ordered YRYM HT butcher paper roll to wrap a shoe return and found it very stiff to use but it got the job done. Excellent product & price. Perfect for packaging & shipping. Highly recommend! Great quality paper and easy to work with in my crafting projects. It was good thick paper. I used it for making decorations for VBS. Good quality and quantity. Great for wrapping and mailing. Also good for craft projects. Perfect thickness for shipping. I loved this for when I was moving. I would recommend more than bubble wrap, so effective! Nothing broke. I loved this for when I was moving. I would recommend more than bubble wrap, so effective! Nothing broke. Among other purposes, I was going to map out my vanity that I'm planning to get, which will be 18 inches wide. It was short of 18 inches. Overall, seems a good product. Works great for a shrimp boil! Double layered table. Is pretty tolerant of liquids.