YRYM HT kraft butcher paper reviews

YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper is very good paper. Can use it for multiple things; crafts, scratch paper, wrapping paper, etc. I love this paper, & will definitely but it again! Perfect for wrapping Christmas gifts. I wrap Christmas gifts in brown paper every year and have a lot of gifts to wrap so I wanted a nice big roll. Which this roll is. And the paper is thick and great for wrapping gifts and works as tablecloth. Love this product! Used it for table settings for multiple parties and will use the brown butcher paper for wrapping gifts! Shipped fast and is great quality! I ordered this to be a multipurpose wrapping paper and it is a good thickness for it. Can decorate with stickers, pencils, stamps, or colored ribbons or tape.

YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper  is Perfect for those brown paper packages tied up with string! This is spectacular! I love the way gifts wrapped with this and some twine look. It's just as thick as any average wrapping paper, but it looks like 8 times as thick as a roll of wrapping paper. It will last me a long time I think. I will probably buy more when it's gone. I really am happy I bought YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper. I was looking for something to wrap the girlfriend's valentines gift and I remembered I had this. Used some twine to hold a box of chocolates to the wrapped gift and grabbed a cheap pink bow thing from the store next to the cards and it worked great. Having a wrapping paper that works for literally any gift is amazing. You just need to buy appropriate decorations if that matters to you.

I purchased 2 of YRYM HT brown butcher paper (lots of gifts to wrap) and the paper is quite thick and extremely good quality. I wrapped a ton of gifts with one roll but had a couple of very large items so I required a second roll. That one was shipped the week of Christmas and still made it in 2 days. I love "brown paper packaging" on gifts and will certainly buy this again when I run out, but I don't expect that to be anytime soon. The photos below show the packages, but there are quite a few that are hidden under other packages. Sturdy brown butcher paper that is great for wrapping presents. I was able to wrap all of my Christmas presents with it and have a lot left over! Durable paper, I used it for crafts and wrapping gifts.

I have looking for kraft wrapping paper for christmas presents this year (2017) and I couldn't find anything simple that I liked that wasn't crazy expensive. I have a LOT of to wrap so I decided to try YRYM HT brown butcher paper and just make it cute with ribbon to tulle. It came in today and I am very pleased. It isn't as thick as some kraft paper, but it isn't so thin that it will crinkle or rip... its the perfect thickness for gift wrapping (in my opinion). I am still trying to figure out how to wrap it, but I will add pictures as I go.