how about HTVRONT buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl

HTVRONT buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl is amazing. It worked beautifully on the tote bags I made my kids and is so much better than the vinyl that came in a kit I had ordered. It weeds very easily, though intricate cuts are very tricky. It applied beautifully with my iron and ironing board. I love it so much that I just ordered the 8-sheet buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl and the 25-sheet variety pack from the same manufacturer. I highly recommend this product. I also love the tweezers that it came with. Have to review immediately because I’m so excited. This htv works so well (see pictures) I need to wash my shirts to see if it stands still or gets washed off. I was a little skeptical at first because it didn't look like the HTV I had used in the past. It was the BEST heat transfer tape I have used! I love these colors and the material. Also it came with a tool and it's super cute. That was a plus. The HTVRONT buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl works great I already put some on a shirt for my daughter. Highly reccomend.

It is pretty similar to what I usually buy HTVRONT heat transfer tape. I needed some vinyl for event shirts so being a prime product it arrived in 2 days. So easy, not flaws. Love the tweezers it comes with. I'm a first time HTV user and this package worked great for a beginner like me. Instructions included were very helpful. Teflon sheet and wedding tool were included with the package of HTVs. I love love the way this vinyl looked and felt after it was pressed. I hate it does not come larger than 12x10. I wish the sheets were 12x12. I pressed at 350 heavy pressure for 30 seconds. Very easy to weed. I love the thickness of this sure to read the instructions that come with it.I had to turn my cutting blade up just a little more then it said and it weed very smooth.will definitely buy again. I love how this heat transfer tape vinyl is! It's a little thicker than the 361 I have, but it did just wonderful on the scrubs. Only problem I really had was telling which side needed to be face down. kinda messed up the first time and had to recut my project lol. But!! I loved the result!

HTVRONT buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl worked perfectly for my shirts. It was easy to weed and ironed on easily. After washing I did have to apply more heat to some of the edges to restick but haven’t had a problem since. I like that this was an inexpensive pack of htv with lots of different colors as sometimes I only need a little bit and don’t like having to buy different rolls. The tool was an extra bonus because I always seem to misplace those. In light of my previous review, Dema store definitely stepped up to the plate and rectified the problem. I'm now completely satisfied. Wonderful customer service. The vinyl is superb, but I definitely feel doped on the weeding tool. I went to use it and the whole tip bent backwards....and I didn't even apply much pressure for that to even happen. Thought I was getting a good deal, but I guess it was too good to be true.

I am very impressed with HTVRONT buffalo plaid heat transfer vinyl. Very easy to apply with all the instructions inside the package. There is a twizzer with the little hook as well to use on weeding the vinyl. Such a good quality. This is perfect came on time and the colors are amazing. I am making graphic t shirts and these were great for that. They are easy to use and made from great quality. This HTV is really nice and the colors are amazing and vivid. Very easy to use, weeding is easy and hassle free. Pretty good quality HTV for the price. I’m very satisfied overall.