YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper to cover tables

I needed kraft wrapping paper quick and it arrived just in time. The YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper is light weight and will be used for a variety of paper crafting project as well as to wrap items I've already made. I love that it's Made in the USA! Perfect! Very happy with purchase, just what I was looking for. I'm using it for poster board.This will be a wonderful addition to my sewing and craft room. I used this product to cover my paintings that need to be stored. I love it. Mom here, Will order more for parties and for kids to color on. Ordered YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper and was not in any rush to get it but it ended up showing up quickly and was perfect for what i wanted. I needed some paper to wrap presents with and this was exactly what i needed. Good product for sure!!

I have bought YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper roll of brown paper many times, and as soon as I see myself running out, I scramble to order more! I use it to cover tables, wrap packages, make patterns, etc. It lasts for a long time considering how many projects I get out of it. I even use it to cover my counter when I bake to make clean-up much easier. Nothing not to like about this paper roll! Use YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper for covering up tables for painting class. I plan to use it for pattens. My husbands shirt pattern is wearing out as well as he wants some changes on it and I plan to trace his shirt pattern and make the changes before cutting it out. Great quality kraft paper, used it to ship Christmas presents and decorate my cubicle at work as a gingerbread house.

Because my 3 daughters appreciate the tradition, I always do a Brown Wrapping Paper packages tied up in string' Christmas wrap theme, like 30 years worth, which is how long it took me to find the perfect kraft paper wrap. Most versions are much too thick, and the rest are as thin, or thinner, as the cheapest of gift wrap. It's not so heavy that I can't move it, which happened a few years ago when the roll I bought on Amazon was about a foot across, probably weighed 50 pounds, and had such thick brown wrapping paper, I had to use packing tape to keep things together. With a family of five, we used about half the role, which is about perfect. Better than the 4-5 years the huge one was around. For birthdays, or other gift giving, I add embellishments, stickers, hand-made tags, cloth ribbons, and/or elaborate bows, and have received a great many compliments on the results. It's fun to play around with styles, making gifts look like they just came off the stagecoach, glamorous enough for princesses, or dozens of unique looks for all those holidays. Highly recommended. Try it out.

I used YRYM HT brown wrapping paper  to wrap all of my hutch things. Great Brown Wrapping Paper I must say!! Used on tables for a party, is thin enough to fold under tables and thick enough to not rip easily. This is the stuff you want to have protecting your work bench, when gluing up your projects. Use in my shop to cover my work bench and to wrap customers orders when finished. I bought this for Christmas gift wrap for all my family this year. It wrapped 48+ gifts, with lots left over! I tied it with burlap, and made a cute red gift card to go on each. I loved the look of it. It is nice and wide, a nice weight, and was just what I wanted.