magic grill mat makes no mess and clean up is a breeze

I bought YRYM HT non-stick bbq grill mat set for my husband to use on the grill and in the smoker. They are amazing! He's been able to grill vegetables without them burning or falling through the grill grates. He's also been able to cook salmon on these. These are definitely a fantastic buy! YRYM HT non-stick bbq grill mat set is perfect for grilling when you want to keep the mess to a minimum. These seem to be very high quality and very durable. I’m excited to try these in my oven, as well. Clean up is a breeze with these, giving you more time to enjoy the people around you instead of scrubbing grill grates. These are the best!!! My oven will always be clean!

YRYM HT non-stick bbq grill mat set  is the greatest! We grill all year round and use a little olive oil in our marinade... which makes a mess of the grill. The oil also causes some flare ups and occasionally leads to a few dark ends. The mat prevent the marinade seasonings from dripping and maintains an even temperature. Cooking times remain the same, meat stays tender and you still get the nice grill marks too. Happy grilling! I know these say grill mats but I put them everywhere to eliminate and help with spill clean up. Since there are 5 in a pack I have plenty to go round. I put 2in the oven and one in my toaster oven. Because the magic grill mat is thin I was able to easily cut around the base of the toaster oven shelf for a perfect fit. Turned the oven on at 350 and let it heat up. Everything went well. There was. I buckling or melting. These are a dream. No more scraping, oven cleaning, just pull them out and wipe off.

 YRYM HT magic grill mat is great mat. We first ordered the three pack of the same brand. These are a bit smaller than the ones in the 3 pack. The silicone is great quality and holds up to high heat. We use the magic grill mat interchangeably in our gas grill and our smoker. They clean up well and do not retain the taste or smell from the smoker. They are nice a thin, it's like using a reusable piece of tin foil. I would recommend these for the grilling enthusiast. I despise cooking veggies on the grill, because they always stick and fall through the grates. The magic grill mat is perfect! I just pull to the side to cool off and wash after dinner. I haven't put into the dishwasher yet, but I'd think they would clean up just as well as hand washing.

The magic grill mat is easy to use and cut to fit any grill. I loved the clean up after BBQ chicken. There was no scrubbing and scrapping. I also used the mat on the oven rack for cooking a frozen pizza. I like the pizzas on the rack vs a baking sheet but when the cheese drips it makes a big mess, this was great. They clean easy with soap and water. Great product.