brown butcher paper for wrapping presents & gifts

I use YRYM HT brown butcher paper for everything! From decorating to lining tables. Great to write on with chalk too! Great investment!! Great kraft wrapping paper and the dual finish [matte and glossy] makes it extremely versatile. Highly recommend it. This was fairly sturdy feeling paper, with a smoother side and a rougher side. Used as table covering for a wedding and with pleated corners it looked great!. Good quality thick craft paper. I bought YRYM HT brown butcher paper for wrapping presents to draw on, works great. More than I expected. Grandkids and I love writing and drawing on it! Would recommend.

I wrapped every holiday present with YRYM HT brown butcher paper. For extra fun, I put a few stickers on. Much, much less expensive than tiny holiday wrapping rolls. I have a ton left, which is perfect for toddler drawing, covering a table, and present wrapping throughout the year. Wish they sold smaller rolls in multi color packs. This is a huge roll of paper! It's supposed to have a textured side but I can't really tell the difference. I painted it with watercolors and used it to wrap Christmas gifts. You can still see through the paper but my crappy watercolor painting was enough of a distraction that no one really noticed. I love the multiple purposes I can use this black butcher paper for! So helpful with a white paint pen to wrap gifts with and then draw cute stencils on to make custom wrapping paper.

I purchased YRYM HT kraft wrapping paper two Christmas's ago instead of wrapping paper to save $, it worked so well and this roll lasts a long time. We use it for any gift we need to wrap and decorate the outside with markers etc. Great alternative to expensive wrapping paper. Great deal for the price, comes with two finishes. good heavy duty art paper. wish I had bought a dispenser too. Nice weight to the paper and it was the exact blue I was expecting based on the product photos. The paper was exactly what we had in mind and it even showed up 2 days before the expected date. This kraft wrapping paper was perfect for what we needed it for and it does not tear easily. I used this to make our church building look like a castle for fall festival. Great color of gray and good thickness for painting. Will be ordering it again!

Great brown butcher paper. Great value. We used it to trace students bodies for art. They painted them cut them out and hung them on the wall. I didn't have any problem with tempura paints on it or having the paper tear on us. It was pretty sturdy. They have been hanging in the halls for months with kids bumping into them all them time and they don't tear. Just as expected and the price was reasonable.