HTVRONT self weeding transfer paper is easy to use

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is easy to use and sticks very well. I was even able to reuse the tape. The only thing I don’t like is it doesn’t have the lines to help line up the vinyl to the project you are sticking it on.I really like this stuff- it feels better to me than the transfer sheets directly from Cricut. For the price you pay, you can not go wrong. I believe it to work better then the cricut. It holds better. Transfers your vinyl better. I would order HTVRONT HTV transfer tape again.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is very strong and sticky. By far the best transfer paper I have used and will continue to use. I like the grid on the back that allows you to cut straight and measure properly. Even better when i receive my whole order! I work on tumblers that have been sealed with epoxy making it a little hard to peel off. Nonetheless it does the job. I typically peel it and stick it to my shirt a couple of times to wear off the adhesive. I am new to the world of Cricut. We volunteered to help some local businesses put on new Vinyl Business Information on their front doors. THIS STUFF WAS SO AWESOME AND EASY TO USE! Apply to your weeded sheets, pull off all the design work, stick on somewhere, squee-gee it down, pull off clean!

I do a lot of vinyl work with my cricut. Sign making, auto decals, etc. Sometimes this requires that I use large sheets of self weeding transfer paper , I have used the cricut brand and found that although it has light grid lines on it, making it easy to center and have straight lines, its very thin, and loses stick rather quickly. While this product does not have grid lines, (it does on the back of the paper to cut the self weeding transfer paper, but not on the tape itself) it is thicker, there is more of it for the price and I was able to use the same piece many many many times, as sometimes I need to make several identical items, which may require many transfers each. I love the fact that the lines are not on the tape itself, but the backing. I sell homemade window decals and utilizing this tape makes my finished product look professional. It picks up the vinyl with ease, and makes for an easy transfer. This is now my go to HTV transfer tape for all my work, not just for window decals. It's worth the money. Anywho... would totally recommend!

I had bought HTV transfer tape from HTVRONT, overall I am happy with the product. It was a large roll fora good price.  Would buy again and again. Great product! Works really well for my vinyl work. Great product for a great price!