HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is the best for vinyl transferring

I have used other transfer tapes before and HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is now my new favorite! It offers just enough "sticky" to remove the design from the vinyl without being too sticky that it won't come off on the surface you're trying to transfer it to. This works better than the transfer tape that came with my machine. Perfect for the wife when she does her decals on the cricut. Material comes off easily and clean.

Grid makes it so easy to set things on straight. Only transfer tape I use. Hobby use. HTVRONT HTV transfer tape is the only brand transfer tape that I will purchase. I have used others and do not like them! This stuff works great! It also does a good job removing extra vinyl from the cut out. It’s easy to use! Cut it to the size you need and there you go. Can’t go wrong!! This was the first time for me to use this product I was referred by a friend and this was the best transfer tape for vinyl that I have tried for vinyl transferring. I will definitely buy again. Able to re-stick vinyls to, worked great for what we needed. This stuff is fantastic! Great readable grid, reusable, not to sticky! Ordering more!

I love the gridlines, quick/easy to use, good amount of tack when you use a squeegee, and you get a lot for the money. Great product, the best transfer tape for vinyl and does the job and you get a decent amount for the price. I love the grids on this transfer tape! The grid lines make lining up vinyl for decals so easy. I am also able to get multiple uses out of one piece. Will reorder when I run out but this roll is lasting a while. Perfect not to sticky it don't want to come off but sticky enough the vinyl sticks to it with a hand wip. Very sticky and wants to pull up the vinyl when removing it from decals, but it works great with multiple uses.

HTVRONT HTV transfer tape looks just like what I needed, but I haven't had a chance to use it a lot yet. It was delivered quickly, and I have no complaints. Very nice and easy to work with Transfer Tape. Would recommend it and will buy it again. Great love it! Exactly what I ordered at a great price.